A Tomato By Any Other Name: A Superfood!

A Tomato By Any Other Name: A Superfood!

A tomato by any other name: A Superfood! The tomato has been called many things throughout history. Peruvian apple, love apple, and even, by Americans at least, a vegetable. Today however, this lovely fruit is fast becoming known as Superfood 🙂

A tomato by any other name: A Superfood!
Organic red and yellow cherry tomatoes at a local farmers’ market

What is it about this little fruit that makes it so amazing? Lycopene.

Yes, I know. The word Lycopene doesn’t sound very appetizing. But this powerful antioxidant is the chemical in tomatoes that is responsible for its disease-fighting powers.

While not able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, this super hero of the nutrition world is able to do some pretty amazing things. Some studies show the tomato may help decrease the risk of prostate cancer. Others suggest tomatoes help fight against breast, lung and stomach cancers. The yellow jelly around the seeds may stop blood cells from clumping together, which sometimes leads to strokes and heart attacks. And some studies have suggested that a heavy intake of tomatoes may result in a lowering of cancer of the digestive tract.

To learn more about the health benefits of tomatoes, visit OrganicFacts.net

A tomato by any other name: A Superfood!
Heirloom organic tomatoes come in many varieties

What is the healthiest way to eat a tomato?

You may think you have to eat TONS of tomatoes to enjoy any health benefits. Nope! In one research study it was reported that people who ate tomatoes at least every other day had greater lung capacity. And, the tomatoes don’t even have to be fresh! Research shows that the lycopene in tomatoes is more easily absorbed by the body if they are cooked. Like in soups, ketchup, sauces and paste! So not only are tomatoes a superfood, they’re easy to include in your diet.

Of course, fresh tomatoes are still beneficial and packed with wonderful nutrients Not to mention…delicious!.

Just remember the one rule of fresh tomatoes: do NOT put them in the refrigerator. The refrigerator destroys not only the flavor, it also destroys the nutrients.

So go ahead, do something good for your health tonight. Have a yummy tomato 🙂

A tomato by any other name: A Superfood!
Baskets of delicious healthy fresh tomatoes

What is your favorite way to eat tomatoes? Send me your recipes and I’d be happy to share them here! You can also find delicious recipes on many of my Pinterest boards (@maryslocalmarket)

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