AdvoCare Products

AdvoCare Products

As you look through my blogs and recipes, you’ll see that I am all about being and keeping healthy. I cook using as many whole, natural ingredients as I can. I fight my high cholesterol through diet and exercise. No medications. And I use supplements to ensure my body stays as healthy as possible.

Recently I decided to give AdvoCare a try

Formula W is an herbal supplement for women going through menopause. (Yes, I am at that age.) It is reported to help with the symptoms, like insomnia and hot flashes. I figured “What the heck! I’ll give it a try.” If you’re a woman going through “the change”, you know we’ll try anything.

And you know what? It worked! After just two nights, I noticed that I was sleeping much better. My hot flashes weren’t as bad as they had been. And my mood seemed mellower.

To test the results, I stopped taking it over a weekend. And by Monday night I was back to having trouble sleeping again. Unbelievable!

AdvoCare Products

Why am I sharing my AdvoCare experience with you?

Good question!

I am sharing my very personal experience with you because Mary’s Local Market is all about being healthy. My goal is to always share information with you to help you live a healthier lifestyle. Mostly through healthy eating – using natural, organic, locally grown foods. But also through keeping healthy with exercise and if need be, supplements.

We all have different dietary needs. AdvoCare has a wide range of supplements to help meet those needs. They have wellness products like multi-vitamins, probiotics and Omega-3. Their Trim line helps those with weightloss. Active is for individuals who exercise frequently. This line has protein bars and rehydration drink mixes. (Need a boost after working out? You really should try Spark!) Lastly is the Performance Elite line for those more hard-core fitness individuals.

Click Here to learn more about the many AdvoCare products and about the company itself.

AdvoCare ProductsWhat’s next?

  • If you are interested in purchasing some of the AdvoCare products, you can do so through me by clicking here
  • You can also check out my Instagram page, AdvoMary

No matter what your thoughts on supplements though, I always want you to be your healthiest! I truly hope my blogs and recipes help you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy and Be Healthy!