Healthy Diet Not Enough – Consider Nutritional Supplements

Healthy Diet Not Enough – Consider Nutritional Supplements

Sometimes a healthy diet is not enough and we should consider nutritional supplements. They’re good for us when we aren’t getting enough vitamins essential for our bodies.

Winter is here. For many of us, that means not being able to eat as fresh and local as we’d like. The cold months bring comfort food recipes instead of fresh salads brimming with fresh fruits and veggies. When it’s cold outside I crave meatloaf and mashed potatoes, not crunchy vegetables. I have to remind my will power to be strong and eat healthier.

The body needs 10 of the 20 essential amino acids. A diet rich in nutrients and vitamins is always best. But when your diet is not sufficient, nutritional supplements may be the answer.

When you are sure that you’re not getting the vitamins you need, then you should look at taking supplements. Finding a supplement that can help you stay healthy is easier than you might think. The best thing about nutritional supplements is that you don’t need a prescription. You can get them at your local store or online.

Healthy Diet Not Enough - Consider Nutritional Supplements
There are lots of supplements to chose from. Do your research.

Finding the Right Nutritional Supplements

There are lots of nutritional supplements to chose from. In order to find the right supplement, I recommend talking with your healthcare provider. Talk about your health concerns and any medications you may be taking. I also suggest doing some online research. I find a lot of information just by Googling whatever vitamin I am interested in.

It is important to learn about the ingredients of any nutritional supplement before you use them. Do your research. Several vitamins can be dangerous if you take too much. And they may counteract with medication. The label must clearly show the recommended daily allowance for each vitamin in the supplement.

Many people think the FDA regulates supplements. But they do not! That’s why it is important to chose a manufacturer that follows the Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations. GMP-compliance means that a product is tested for cleanliness. It is also free of contaminants and prescription drugs. It assures you that a product contains the right amount of ingredients and dosage, based on the Recommended Dietary Allowances and as indicated in the label.

Healthy Diet Not Enough - Consider Nutritional Supplements
I meet my nutritional needs with supplements

As I posted last month that I use nutritional supplements. Let’s face it. I’m not getting any younger. And as we age, our bodies have different nutritional needs. To make sure I get what my body needs, I take supplements. I also use them to help keep my cholesterol in check.

I research before buying. Then I note how I feel while taking a new nutritional supplement. I also update my doctor on what I’m taking at my annual physical. Staying healthy is what is important. And if that means taking a few supplements, then I am good with that.

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Stay healthy!

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