Cooking Basics

Cooking Basics

 Welcome to Mary’s Local Market Cooking Basics!

I am so happy to share some of my cooking tips and tricks with you.

As you may already know, I’ve been cooking since I was 13. My mother’s passing had me taking care of our home before I was in 8th grade! Fortunately, I had Grandma to help and teach me. She would prepare our dinner, get it started, and then when I got home from school she’d tell me how to finish. BUT by the time she’d arrive back at her home, I was already frantically calling her “What did you say to do?!” She’d patiently explain it all again…and then wait for my next frantic call until dinner was finally on the table. That’s pretty much how I learned – by phone with loving guidance.

cooking basics
Cooking basics from my kitchen to yours!

Funny thing is that it is almost the exact same way she learned! When she emigrated from Hungary, she barely knew how to cook a meal. She wrote letters home and waited for her mother’s letter full of instructions and recipes. I’m SO glad I didn’t have to wait that long or I would’ve had a hungry family on my hands 😀

So here I am, passing on my food learnings by writing blogs, sharing my recipes. And now I’d like to email you some cooking basics to help you cook and eat healthy using fresh ingredients. So many people today are not lucky enough to have their parents and grandparents teach them cooking basics. I remember well how unsure I was those early months in the kitchen and I’m happy to be your guide ☺

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Learn how to properly hard-cook an egg, roast a chicken for dinner, make broth, create your own delicious vinaigrettes, freeze meals to enjoy later and so much more!

All small tips ‘n tricks to help you eat healthy and cook wonderful dishes from scratch, using fresh ingredients ☺

And if there are other cooking basics you’d like to know about or recipes you are looking for, please feel free to email me through the Contact form.

Enjoy and Be Healthy!

cooking basics