5 Manageable Daily Diet Changes to Eat Healthier: Quick and Easy!

5 Manageable Daily Diet Changes to Eat Healthier: Quick and Easy!

We all know that we need to eat healthier. We know we should make changes to our daily diets. From reducing fat and sugar intake to cutting carbs, many are looking for extra steps they can take in the kitchen to improve their health.

Eating healthier is easier than most realize. Whether you are picking up food at the grocery store or through the drive-thru, you can take simple steps to make healthier food choices. And without sacrificing time, flavor and any other concerns you may have!

5 Manageable Daily Diet Changes to Eat Healthier: Quick and Easy!
Making small dietary changes is easier than you think!

5 Manageable Daily Diet Changes to Eat Healthier

Next time you order pizza, skip the sausage or pepperoni. Create a “salad” pizza instead. Choose vegetables like spinach, artichokes, onions and tomatoes. Try whole wheat crust, too.

If you’re more in the mood for Chinese, choose steamed tofu and vegetables over fried meat dishes. Request brown rice in place of white, too.

Always have some cans of beans on hand. Use them in your favorite soup, salad or pasta sauce for a quick fiber fix. I love making a salad with whole grains, veggies and beans! The different flavors and textures make the dish a real treat for my tastebuds 🙂

Feel like having fruit juice? Drink water to quench your thirst, then enjoy a whole piece of fruit for extra fiber and chewing satisfaction.

Hungry for a snack? Rather than eating a snack bar or chips, grab a whole food like fruit or veggies. Sweet peppers, apples, berries or carrots make excellent snacks. If you must have a dip to go with those raw veggies, use hummus instead of ranch dressing. Not in the mood for fruit or veggies, how about a couple ounces of cheese?!

5 Manageable Daily Diet Changes to Eat Healthier: Quick and Easy!
A dish with whole grains and beans is a delicious way to eat healthier

Bonus! Another Simple Daily Dietary Change

A big way to add more health to your diet is to increase fiber intake. Most people today are not getting enough daily fiber in their diets. It is recommended that we get 25-38 grams of fiber per day. But most only average 15 grams daily. That’s less than half the recommended allowed for many.

5 Manageable Daily Diet Changes to Eat Healthier: Quick and Easy!
A quick and easy way to add 10 grams of fiber to your diet!

Try incorporating a fiber supplement into your meals. I like to add a packet of AdvoCare’s Fiber to my breakfast smoothie. It comes in citrus and peaches ‘n cream flavors. Unflavored is also available and that’s what I use. One packet has 10 grams of fiber, both soluble and insoluble fiber. I don’t even know it’s in the smoothie and I just added almost half of my needed daily fiber!

Click here if you’d like to try it and I’ll get some to you.

There are also many other fiber supplements at your local pharmacy or grocery store that you can use. It may just be the simple boost you need to eat healthier.


What simple changes to your daily diet do you make to eat healthier? I’d love to share your suggestions with everyone! You can leave your comments below.

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Enjoy and Be Healthy!

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