Eating Organic On A Budget: 5 Ways to Save Money On Organic Food

Eating Organic On A Budget: 5 Ways to Save Money On Organic Food

Eating organic on a budget is easier than you think. And you don’t have to travel far to find healthy, delicious goodies!

These days there are more people eating organic than ever before. According to the USDA, there has been a stead increase in organic food sales, especially fruits and vegetables. And one of the ways those organic food sales are increasing is through local farmers markets. Since they began tracking them in 1994, the number of markets has steadily grown by 22%. AND it keeps growing! 🙂

Why? Because consumers are becoming more conscious of what they are eating and how it affects their bodies. You are what you eat…and you are what your food eats.

Unfortunately though, organic food prices are usually higher than conventional, processed foods. And this stops many from purchasing organic foods. (I find it very sad that it costs more to buy vegetables straight from the garden than foods that have been produced on a factory floor. But that’s another topic!)

So…if you want to live a healthier lifestyle, enjoy delicious natural foods – putting lots of healthy nutrients in your body – how can you do it on a tight budget? Here are a few ways I’ve found that you may find helpful:

Eating Organic On A Budget: 5 Ways to Save Money On Organic Food
Getting to know your local food vendor is a good way to find organic food deals

Eating Organic On A Budget: 5 Ways to Save Money On Organic Food

Grow your own

The cheapest method has got to be to grow your own. The great thing is that it doesn’t require you to have much garden space or even a garden at all!

Many people grow tomatoes, lettuce and strawberries in containers. The extra benefit is that you get total control over the growing conditions. Containers can be placed anywhere that receives a reasonable amount of daylight, which means that you can use them on balconies or other hard surfaces.

The best combination is to have organic soil together with organically produced seeds or plants, that way you ensure you get the full flavor and benefit.

Look for your local suppliers

One of the most satisfying things to do is to buy organic food locally. That way you get the freshest ingredients for your kitchen and also get to support local businesses. With minimal transportation costs for the supplier, you get very competitive prices.

Don’t forget that these same businesses will be employing local staff so you are also helping the local economy. Everybody wins in this scenario.

Shop Local markets

I like to visit different farmers markets in my region, but there is one big market that I really enjoy. Organic food is just one of the variety of items sold there but the prices are very good indeed. Of course they are all local suppliers and with several of them in one place we benefit from healthy competition and get to sample a lot of different foods!

Eating Organic On A Budget: 5 Ways to Save Money On Organic Food
Consider sharing the cost of a CSA box with another family to save money

Share in a CSA Program

If you are unable to get out of your house or are too busy working to select your groceries by hand then why not subscribe to an organic Community Supported Agriculture program? It is a wonderful way to eat organic, local foods and support the economy in your area. Best of all because a CSA box contains seasonal foods, you get to enjoy a wide variety of treats on a weekly basis.

Programs vary and most have a pick up point, but some will deliver to your door. What’s more convenient than that?!

Find a Farm store

Finally, look for farms near you that have an organic farm store. Some operate on an open farm policy so that you can go and see where the animals are being kept and take a look at the crops being grown. They usually have a well-designed walking route around the farm which makes a nice day out for the kids too.

Eating organic on a budget may not always be easy, but it can be done! Get to know your farmers and vendors, often times they are willing to strike a bargain. Be creative! Maybe split the cost of a CSA box with another family. Or be part of a community garden. There are lots of way to eat organic on a budget 🙂

Are You Eating Organic On A Budget?

I would love to hear all about how you manage your organic food budget! Feel free to reach out to me through the contact form on the right or on my Contact page. I’d be happy to speak with you.

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Enjoy and Be Healthy!

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