More B-Foods That Help You Fight Health Problems: Natural Medicine

More B-Foods That Help You Fight Health Problems: Natural Medicine

There are foods that you can eat – natural medicine – to help you fight health problems. Nature give us many tools to live a healthier life.

Don’t get me wrong, medicine in the form of pharmaceuticals is necessary. There are some nasty diseases out there. But how often do we reach for a pill rather than looking at what we are eating? Maybe changing our diet can go a long way to fight a health problem. Maybe a combination of pills and diet are needed to live healthier.

Food as medicine is how I prefer to live, eating natural medicine. We eat very little processed or pre-packaged foods. Our meals are made with whole ingredients. I am a flexitarian, while my husband is a meat-itarian. I follow a mostly plant-based diet, whereas he likes to have some meat with almost every meal. It makes cooking a bit interesting sometimes, but thankfully he enjoys veggies as much as meat 🙂

If you’d like to enjoy a more natural-medicine-lifestyle, here are some “B” foods you can eat to help fight health problems (or live healthier). Read my previous post – B-Foods That Help You Fight Health Problems – for even more foods.

B-Foods That Help You Fight Health Problems: Natural Medicine
The “B” in Broccoli is for Beneficial!

More “B” Natural Medicine To Fight Health Problems


Blackberries are packed with compounds to neutralize free radicals that damage cells and provoke cancer. They help to lower cholesterol levels which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease. Blackberries attack production of free radicals and help in preventing bad cholesterol from causing damage to blood vessels. Fiber in blackberries prevent constipation and colon cancer. Blackberries, if refrigerated immediately, will have a refrigerator life of two or three days before starting to spoil.


The compounds in blueberries protect you again cancer, heart disease, urinary tract infections and even wrinkles. Blueberries help reverse short term memory loss. Quick fixes for stomachache – reach out for few tablespoons of dried blueberries and get rid of the tummy ache. Avoid fresh or frozen berries to aggravate the tummy trouble. Tannins in blueberries kick out those bacteria’s responsible for urinary tract infections.

Bok Choy

Popular known as Chinese celery, Bok Choy is about the same size as the normal celery stalks with start white ribs and deep green flat, ruffled leaves. Loaded with calcium, manganese and iron, it is good for bones and blood. Vitamin C in Bok Choy will help heal your wounds from paper cuts and hang nails to surgical incisions. Packed with potassium, Bok Choy helps to lower blood pressure. Simply speaking, Bok Choy battles cancer and high blood pressure and bolsters bones and wound healing.


Broccoli is a fighter against cancer and other major health problems. These little ‘green trees’ comprise of vitamin A, C, K, fiber and compounds like lutein and sulforaphane. It prevents prostate problems, cancer of the bladder and colon cancer. Broccoli also tackles health problems like heart disease, hip fracture and cataracts.

Brown Rice

Brown rice lowers the risk of developing heart disease. It prevents the danger of diabetes. Recent studies show eating two servings of whole grain daily reduces the risk of dying from heart attack by 30%.

Brussels Sprouts

They offer plenty of protection against big time diseases like cancer, birth defects, osteoporosis and heart trouble. Brussels sprouts protect your DNA from cancer causing substances. Cancer fighting enzymes prevent colon cancer. Brussels sprouts supplies vitamin K that protect against osteoporosis.

B-Foods That Help You Fight Health Problems: Natural Medicine
Add fresh or dried blueberries to a meal and fight against cancer and heart disease

What Natural Medicine Do You Eat To Fight Health Problems?

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Enjoy and Be Healthy!

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