What 6 Things To Get At A Local Farmers Market: Foods I Look Out For

What 6 Things To Get At A Local Farmers Market: Foods I Look Out For

There are certain things that I always get at a local farmers market. And with the summer farmers market season in full swing, I am looking forward to shopping for some local treasures!

Some are seasonal foods, others are things that I know just taste better fresh and local.

I’m not talking so much about avoiding food travel or pesticides. I’m talking about the food tasting better because it was picked at the height of ripeness! Nothing tastes better than right off the plant or tree. Or fresh made or laid!

6 Things To Get At A Local Farmers Market
Why buy locally, especially fruits and vegetables? Promote variety!

6 Things To Get At A Local Farmers Market

  1. Honey – local honey will have the local flavor you are looking. Literally! The sweetness and flavor of honey depends on the pollen collected by the bees from the surrounding fields, orchards, gardens and flowerbeds.
  2. Eggs – eggs from Happy Hens who wander through pastures to eat a more natural diet are healthier and taste better than “cage free” eggs sold at the supermarket. The yolks are bright yellow or orange, not pale; the whites are firm, not runny; all because of the hens live a healthier, more natural life.
  3. Rhubarb – is not a fruit that you are likely to find at a grocery store. It’s not your usual fruit. So if you see it at a farmers market, grab some!
  4. Asparagus – while you can probably find asparagus at the supermarket in December, you can be sure it isn’t local or even freshly harvested. Asparagus is a spring vegetable; depending on where you live, it’s locally available February thru early June. Picked locally, fresh asparagus has a delicious earthy flavor. Those spears shipped thousands of miles are picked before ripeness and have very little flavor.
  5. Unusual Vegetables – heirloom tomatoes, purple carrots, watermelon radishes, romanesco broccoli – you won’t find these unusual foods a big box grocery store! The farmers market is the best place to find new veggies to try, and enjoy.
  6. Local Produce (of course!) – if there is just one thing you get at a local farmers market, fresh and local produce is best! Because the fruits and vegetables are picked at the height of ripeness, the flavor is unbelievable! If you don’t believe me – buy a pint of strawberries at your favorite grocery store and another at the farmers market. Do a taste test! You’ll see, smell and taste the difference 🙂
All About How I Live Healthy
Healthy eating with a rainbow of colorful fresh organic fruits and vegetables

Your Local Farmers Market MUST HAVES

What do you get at a local farmers market? Do you have any MUST HAVE food treasure you search for? I’d love to hear about them! It’s always interesting to learn about other foods or why they are our favorites. Feel free to reach out to me through the contact form on the right or on my Contact page. I’d be happy to speak with you.

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Enjoy and Be Healthy!

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