Kids Food Guide: Encouraging Them To Eat Healthy

Kids Food Guide: Encouraging Them To Eat Healthy

How do you encourage kids to eat healthy? Good question! My Kids Food Guide tips will help you with that.

Thankfully, for me, my kids were not picky eaters. They didn’t put up too much of a fuss when it came to trying new foods. It didn’t matter if it was a new main dish recipe or vegetables. They gave it a good try and most of the time, found that they liked it.

Unfortunately, many other parents are not so lucky when it comes to mealtime for their children.

Many studies show that more and more children are dealing with obesity.  The numbers of children with poor nutrition is astounding.  Macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, and French fries were among the top food choices for children.  So how do we get them to eat better?

Kids Food Guide: Encouraging Them To Eat Healthy
Encouraging kids to eat healthy builds strong eating habits

Kids Food Guide

The first step is to make sure they eat – or at least TRY – what is cooked.  If you are serving a food dish they don’t like, encourage them to try it AGAIN. It often takes multiple tries at a new food before it becomes a favorite.

When introducing new foods that you think your kids won’t like, also serve something good that you know they will eat. This can help eliminate the problem of them “starving to death”.

Once your children know that they must try new foods, it allows you to begin experimenting. Try a new recipe book! Each family member gets to select a recipe. Then rate that recipe as a family. Place a star by the recipe for each family member that liked it!  Then when you go through the recipe book, you know which are the favorites and which to skip. Remember to look for recipes that provide good nutrition – legumes, vegetables, fruits.

We all remember the food pyramid from our days of school. If your kids are eating school lunch, they are getting one good nutritious meal. You can follow their food guidelines when planning your own meals. Keep the monthly calendar with the meals the school has planned and follow them for dinner (in a different month). Introduce foods that you know your children didn’t like before and have them try one bite. Kid’s taste buds change over time and something they hated before they might really like now.

Kids Food Guide: Encouraging Them To Eat Healthy
Having dinner with our children is another way to teach them to eat healthy

Encouraging Children To Eat Healthy

Do you have any kid friendly recipes you’d like to share or are looking for?

How about other tips for our Kids Food Guide to encourage healthy eating habits?

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Enjoy and Be Healthy!

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