Mary’s Kitchen: San Francisco and Fall Harvest Time

Mary’s Kitchen: San Francisco and Fall Harvest Time

In September I flew out to San Francisco for a long weekend vacation and returned to the start of fall harvest time. It is now October and the harvest is going strong.

San Francisco

While in the San Francisco area, I of course saw some of the things tourists go to see – Fisherman’s Warf, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Painted Ladies and drove up and down Lombard Street. The main reason I was in San Francisco though, was tour the famous farmers’ market at the historic Ferry Building.

Going to the Ferry Building market was FANTASTIC! If you are ever in San Francisco, you have to go there!

Organic peppers
Organic peppers at San Francisco farmers’ market
Buy Fresh Buy Local sign at the Ferry Building Farmers' Market
San Francisco and Fall Harvest time

Practically every vendor I saw was selling organic products. There were fruit and vegetable stands, of course. But also plenty

of meat and baked goods available. Jellies, fermented foods, cheeses, mushrooms, olive oils, flowers, soaps and honey were available. All local grown and produced. Food vendors galore, many selling organic treats and other selling fish (the Ferry Building is along the bay). Musicians played and homemade crafts were plentiful. Vendors were both outside and inside the building. It is a huge market!

I wanted to buy everything I saw 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t bring an extra suitcase, so I had to settle for a loaf of sour dough bread. There is nothing like sour dough bread from San Francisco. We did though, graze our way through the market and had an early lunch. YUMMILICIOUS!

(To learn more about the farmers’ market in downtown San Francisco, visit Ferry Building Market Place.)

Fall Harvest Time

Pears to harvest
Pears ready for Fall harvest

When I returned home I found one of our pear trees was ready for harvest. No time to rest after vacation!

This tree has the sweetest fruit, Bartletts. So juicy, they run down your arm when you eat one! They’re my favorite but are also a favorite of the bees, wasps and ladybugs. I have to harvest them quickly to beat the insects and because they ripen fast.

Fresh pears from off our trees, all naturally grown with no pesticides
Fresh pears from off our trees, all naturally grown with no pesticides

I ended up with over two pounds of dried pears, froze over six gallon size bags, made 14 pints of sauce and 11 jars of jam.

Sounds like a lot, but it doesn’t even scratch the surface. There is another pear tree, D’Anjou, and two apple trees yet to harvest, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith. That means more sauce to can and apple pie filling to freeze in the coming weeks.

My San Francisco and Fall harvest time reminds me that life keeps marching on. No matter my plans to vacation and visit family, Nature still has her timetable. I can grumble about it, or I can grab the canning equipment and start making sauce. Grumbling is easier, for sure. But come January and February, those dried pears are going to taste delicious in my oatmeal and I’ll be wondering if I made enough sauce to last until next Fall.

Pear Fall Harvest
Jars of pear sauce and pear jam, bags of dried pears and pear wine


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