Mary’s Kitchen: Sunday Chicken Dinner

Mary’s Kitchen: Sunday Chicken Dinner

A Sunday Chicken Dinner has to be one of my top 5 Sunday Dinners. It speaks to me of my childhood – family around the table, later watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and then The Wonderful World of Disney with my sisters and brother. It brings back memories of Mom and Grandma in the kitchen. And let’s not forget the absolutely delicious aroma of a roasting chicken in the oven!

Normally a fall and winter dinner for us, I have been craving a Sunday Chicken Dinner. And as fate would have it, today is a cool summer day – perfect for slow roasting a whole chicken!

Mom’s Kitchen: Sunday Chicken Dinner

Mom getting our Thanksgiving dinner ready. Circa 1976
Mom getting our Thanksgiving dinner ready. Circa 1976

One of my favorite memories is of my mother test-tasting a chicken before serving it for dinner. She was trying to be sneaky, hoping no one would see her pulling some crispy skin off the bird. But I saw her!

Mom’s Sunday Chicken Dinner was yellow. I don’t think there was much emphasis on serving a colorful plate back then. As long as we had the four major food groups we were good. Dinner consisted of chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, fresh baked bread and butter. See?! All yellow and white 🙂 But oh my goodness, it was SO GOOD!

Practically everything on the table came from our little farm. The chicken, the potatoes and the corn; the onions and garlic for seasoning came from our garden as well. Sometimes we’d have a fresh green salad from our garden with dinner too. A splash of green in our yellow-Sunday Chicken Dinner.

Grandma’s Kitchen: Sunday Chicken Dinner

Grandma's Sunday Chicken Dinner - Hungarian Chicken Paprikash
Grandma’s Sunday Chicken Dinner – Hungarian Chicken Paprikash

Grandma’s Sunday Chicken Dinner wasn’t a roasted bird, but Chicken Paprikash. A simple country dish of chicken, potatoes and paprika. Slowly cooked for an hour or so to bring forth a wonderfully tasty sauce. A Hungarian dish she had learned from her mother. The whole house smelled of chicken and paprika!

There was always a fresh green salad served with this. Like her Paprikash, the salad was simple. Fresh salad greens, vinegar, oil, salt and a bit of sugar. Not too much sugar though, the salad was supposed to be tangy.

If salad greens weren’t available, we’d have a Cucumber Salad made with sour cream. Smooth and creamy, it was enjoyed even by the pickiest child at the table.

Mary’s Kitchen: Sunday Chicken Dinner

I like to think that my Sunday Chicken Dinner invokes a bit of both, Mom and Grandma.

Today’s dinner will be Rosemary & Garlic Roasted Chicken, served with fingerling potatoes, green beans, and Cucumber Salad made with sour cream. A bit of then and now. Still a slow roasted chicken, but Mom never used Rosemary. Although the potatoes and beans are fresh and local, they’re not as “local” as a backyard garden. But the Cucumber Salad with sour cream? That IS Grandma’s recipe 🙂

What is your favorite Sunday Dinner? I’d love to hear about it and post the recipe here. Leave your comment below or go to my Contact page to send me the recipe.


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