Mary’s Local Market Podcast Interview “What Will You Say To The Blogger Who Needs Your Help?”

Mary’s Local Market Podcast Interview “What Will You Say To The Blogger Who Needs Your Help?”

Wonderful news!! A couple weeks ago I was approached about doing a Mary’s Local Market podcast interview! I was SO EXCITED!! Anytime I can share information about my website, it’s exciting πŸ™‚

And now that podcast is available for you to listen to!

A bit of background ‘behind the scenes’ information. I use many tools to spread the word about our natural-sustainable-community and one of them is a phone app called CrowdFire. It helps me increase my social media presence. But more importantly to me, in helps with scheduling my blog posts. And any tool that saves me time is very welcome.

A few months ago, CrowdFire asked if they could feature one of my Instagram posts on their own page. It was super cool to see one of my food pictures shared on another business’ social media site πŸ™‚

And now they were back, asking to do an interview!

Mary's Local Market Podcast Interview
It was SO COOL to see one my pictures featured another’s Instagram page

Mary’s Local Market Podcast Interview

To be perfectly honest, I was very nervous for the interview. I had never done one. I wasn’t sure what to expect. They emailed me possible questions but…we all know how interview questions go. Never as you practice πŸ˜€ Thankfully it went well and I really like how it turned out.

The podcast is about how I developed the idea of Mary’s Local Market. About the diversity of the information I provide and the recipes I create. I shared that creating blogs and social media content is a new skill for me. (Believe me. Creating personal social posts is nothing like doing it for a business.)

In this Mary’s Local Market podcast interview, we discussed how the site is building a Natural-Sustainable-Community. That not everyone has the same lifestyle or dietary needs. And how I believe in not only sharing my knowledge – helping others live a healthy lifestyle – but also in thanking my community for their help. It is all about giving back.

I think you’ll find it all interesting to hear about some of the behind the scenes stuff.

Helpful tip: You may need to download or sign into SoundCloud to listen to the podcast

What Will You Say To The Blogger Who Needs Your Help?

I am at a crossroads right now. “How do I continue to grow Mary’s Local Market?” I would like to grow my site, but am not sure how.

In addition to telling listeners about Mary’s Local Market, an important question was posed: What will you say to the blogger who needs your help?

How would you recommend I add more to my site?

  • Should I have page advertisements?
  • Would you like to see kitchen gadgets?
  • What about doing reviews?
  • Or how about hearing from someone else and have guest bloggers?

I would be very interested in your thoughts! In our community’s thoughts. I have ideas of ways to do this but I want to make sure I am providing you with what you need to live a natural, healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Mary's Local Market Podcast Interview
You can find Mary’s Local Market Podcast Interview on SoundCloud

Looking Forward To Hearing From You!

Give the podcast a listen! Tell me what you think of it. I’m looking forward to getting your feedback. And that can be on anything – blog ideas, recipes, building a better community – anything that you feel would be beneficial. Feel free to reach out to me through the contact form on the right or on my Contact page. I’d be happy to speak with you.

And don’t forget, if you aren’t sure of what you are doing in the kitchen but want to eat healthy, you can sign up for my FREE Cooking Basics how-to-tips! You’ll get an email every week for an entire year. That’s 52 helpful kitchen tips! Everything from how to make the perfect fried egg to different ways to prepare vegetables and how to freeze those fruits & veggies you find at the market πŸ™‚

Enjoy and Be Healthy!

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