Get A Serving of Whole Grains by Eating Healthy Breads

Get A Serving of Whole Grains by Eating Healthy Breads

Did you know you can get a serving of whole grains by eating bread?

There’s more than just a grain of wisdom in the nutritional benefits of incorporating more whole grains into your diet. The problem is that most people don’t like the flavor of wheat. The good news is that there are whole grain breads that are made with other grains and taste wonderful!

Types of Whole Grains in Breads

Whole grain breads provide an excellent source of protein, fiber, B vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. A diet that includes whole grains has been shown to have a reduced risk of heart disease. It also fights against type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some cancers. But we don’t have to eat just whole wheat to get our whole grains. There are many kinds used in bread like…

Get A Serving of Whole Grains by Eating Healthy Breads
Yummy delicious healthy breads made with whole grains

Whole oats or oatmeal

Brown rice

Whole-grain barley

Whole rye




Bulger (cracked wheat)

Make sure you read the label when purchasing whole grain bread. Watch for words like “made with” or “refined”. This means the grain has been processed and is probably no longer whole.

The New Food Pyramid

Last year the USDA released new food pyramid guidelines recommending that at least half of all grains consumed come from whole grains. You can get least 3 ounces of whole grains found in breads, cereals and pasta. Eat a sandwich with 2-slices of whole grain bread and you are two-thirds of the way to your daily goal 🙂

Get A Serving of Whole Grains by Eating Healthy Breads
Get 50% of your whole grains from breads, pasta or cereals

White bread remains by far the largest segment of the bread category, accounting for almost half of total bread sales. But a growing desire for more nutrition is causing some white bread consumers to look for alternatives.

For those white bread lovers, making the switch to whole grains can seem daunting. No worries! You can step into it. Look for products made with white whole wheat. It gives you some of the benefits without the sudden texture or flavor change. And then, after some time, move forward to whole grain bread.

There are many great tasting breads out there. Talk to family and friends to learn what they like to eat. Or research online to find out which are top rated. You can even talk to your local grocery to get their opinion!

Here is a link to a great article about Ezekie 4:9 bread that you may find helpful! It’s an organic sprouted whole grain bread.

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Enjoy and be healthy!


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