Share Your Local Market Pictures: #LocalMarketHaul

Share Your Local Market Pictures: #LocalMarketHaul

Share your local market pictures!

Let’s show off the beautiful, delicious, healthy, organic, naturally grown fruits and veggies.

Show us the free-range, pasture-raised, antibiotic-free, non-GMO, meats and eggs we buy or see at the market.

Share pictures of your harvest on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram with #LocalMarketHaul!

Most everyone loves to take pictures of their food 😀

It’s funny but even in the fanciest restaurants we can’t resist taking a quick pic of the gorgeously plated dish the waitstaff sets before us. And we can’t wait to share pictures of “the big game” food buffet we set up on social media.

Why not share pictures of the wonderful finds you brought home or saw at the market too?!

Share Your Local Market Pictures: #LocalMarketHaul
Organic red and yellow cherry tomatoes at a local farmers’ market

Share your local market pictures with us

Post them on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages with #LocalMarketHaul in your post or comments 🙂

Show off those beautifully colorful radishes and heirloom tomatoes your brought home! Take pics of the pasture-raised, antibiotic-free burgers you grilled for dinner!

Let’s see those vibrant blue, brown and pink cage-free eggs from your backyard chickens! Can’t get anymore local than your backyard 🙂

What about the all-natural dish you made for your family? How about a picture of the yummy jams and jellies you got at your local cooperative grocery story?

Show us your farmers’ market selfie! 🙂

Let’s see them all!!!

The produce does not have to be just from a farmers’ market. Include your local cooperative grocery and food stand. Even goodies from the farmer down the road. And the CSA box you brought home!

Share Your Local Market Pictures: #LocalMarketHaul
Yummy early summer treats! Bok Choy, Rhubarb, Radishes and Italian Parsley 🙂

Include #LocalMarketHaul with your social media picture posts! Let’s start a Local-Natural Food revolution and enjoy eating savory foods at the same time.

It’ll be a fun way to build a sustainable, naturally growing community and a great way for everyone to see what is available outside their own local area.

Happy food-picture-taking-and-posting time!

Enjoy and Be Healthy 🙂

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