7 Tips For Smarter Snacking: 24/7 Healthy Snacks

7 Tips For Smarter Snacking: 24/7 Healthy Snacks

We all need tips for smarter snacking. In today’s world of instant sugary treats and salty goodies, it is easy to overlook healthy snacks.

Many of us are between-meal eaters. But that doesn’t mean you have to visit the vending machine or raid the cookie jar all day. There are smarter ways to snack throughout the day and still fill the hunger gap.

7 Tips For Smarter Snacking: 24/7 Healthy Snacks
With so many options, smart snacking is easier than you think!

7 Tips For Smarter Snacking

When you need a wake-up or need a quick energy jolt = Eat a small breakfast of natural carbs, like fruit, and protein from whole grain cereal like oatmeal, eggs or milk. Or have a morning snack of proteins like peanuts or cottage cheese.

Before leaving the office for a meeting = A quick piece of fruit or chunk of cheese is good if you don’t know when lunch is coming.

Before working out = You might want pump up with a piece of fruit and a big glass of water.

After school or work = A small sandwich and a glass of milk will work. If you are cutting calories, have some cut-up veggies or a rice cake with peanut butter or cheese.

When out with friends = Try splitting a dessert or snack when you go for dessert or grab a bite with your buddies.

Before partying = A cracker and cheese or little carrots are a good choice to take the edge off. Drink an equal amount of water after every drink when you can.

Before bed = Milk contains tryptophan, which makes some people sleepy. Chai tea can be soothing, too.

Snacking not only helps ease those nasty hunger pains, but it relaxes and softens stress. Snacking should not be used to escape boredom. Find the smart snacks that fit both your individual needs and the occasion at hand.

7 Tips For Smarter Snacking: 24/7 Healthy Snacks
Combining natural fresh carbs with protein is a healthy way to snack smart.

More Tips For Smarter Snacking From Our Community

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Enjoy and Be Healthy!

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